Engineers Marcos Chaparro and Maximiliano Córdoba worked together since 2012 and founded Palta Tech SA after an award for the top 5 most innovative product of 2014 by Banco de la Nación Argentina, with the design of an Intelligent Solar Road Stud. 

Palta Tech SA, is committed to deliver solutions using state of the art technology and processes, with focus on quality, reliability and design for manufacture.

Along the years the company has designed and developed rugged embedded systems and given consultancy services for the navy, which is still one of our main business branches up today.

We have delivered near 10.000 intelligent solar road studs, a project that has allowed the company to go deep into new battery technologies, energy harvesting, ultra low power circuits and wireless communications.

The latter has made the team enter the Internet of Things Market, specially with LoRa™ transceivers, and it have developed a set of hardware and firmware blocks that allow the company to easily adapt to different clients needs.

The expertise of the company doesn’t stop at ultra low power devices, but also have a deep know how and tools for developing high power applications.

Palta Tech SA have used acquired knowledge in Hybrid Ultra Capacitors to design long life, high current batteries ending up to the creation of INNOBATTERY SA, a company developing battery modules, BMS and traction solutions.

Palta Tech SA contributes to open source hardware and open source firmware projects, and provided major features for the VESC platform, a field oriented motor control project. Our work represented a tenfold increase of power to the platform, and is currently the most powerful open source motor controller out there.

In addition, Palta Tech SA owners co-founded EV Power Designs Inc. to further develop and commercialize Axiom, which is set to become the next-generation motor control product for companies and individuals seeking for high power and high performance electric drive units.

Located in Punta Alta, Argentina, the company is equipped with an engineering lab with reflow oven, power supplies, dc loads, scopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, spectrum analyzer, CNC machine and a large stock of electronics components for quick prototyping, as well an extensive portfolio of modular and tested designs ready to be deployed using free and powerful open source tools. 

Our team

This is our group of engineers, committed to solve every challenge that comes to them.

Marcos Chaparro


Maximiliano Cordoba


Kiara Navarro

Embedded Hardware Engineer