Making light patterns simpler


Firefly changes the way messages are conveyed throughout light symbols in industrial and smart cities applications. It is a clever IoT device capable of managing turn on / off states over time.

With a set of Firefly fleet you can represent in an energy efficient manner several light patterns that fits right into a diverse spectrum of escenarios ranging from pedestrian crossings, traffic low, road junctions / intersections, state highways, street furniture.

Easy to install

The perfect balance between rechargeable batteries and cell solar panel has made Firefly a reliable option to be used in environments where power grid is unreachable providing a cableless approach that leads to an easy-to-install mechanism.

Robust design

Street floor is a hostile place. Firefly is wrapped over a weather proof and high solid casing to withstand the harshest escenarios. There is no chance in dust or water at all.

Firmware over the air

There is no need to have cable when it comes to update your light patterns. Firefly uses an efficient to upload firmware and start deploying your brand new light patterns.

Long range visibility

With a fleet of Firefly you can create several light patterns that will convey the exact message that your application requires.

Light Patterns


You can use this light pattern to inform drivers that a lane closure is near or to announce a road curve.

Straight Line

Bike paths do not need to be clumsy anymore, you can use this pattern to let cyclists know what path they should follow while also making the traffic less stressful.


Deploying a circle pattern in roundabout will signify the alert to drivers to slow-down their speed and yield to traffic.



226 g / 0.49 lbs.


1 day

LED Color

Amber / Red / Blue / White


Greater than 1000 m

Operating temperature

-40 C to + 80 C

Enclosure material


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