Palta Tech SA was born in 2012 after receiving the award for the top 5 most innovative product of 2014 by Banco de la Nación Argentina. Always committed to deliver solutions using state of the art technology and processes, with focus on quality and design for manufacture and supplying supplies rugged bootloading computers and consultancy services for the navy, solar road studs, solar projects and its tightly coupled with INNOBATTERY S.A. developing modular battery, BMS and traction solutions.

Located in Punta Alta, Argentina, the company is equipped with an engineering lab with reflow oven, power supplies, dc loads, scopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, spectrum analyzer, CNC machine and a large stock of electronics components for quick prototyping, as well an extensive portfolio of modular and tested designs ready to be deployed using free and powerful open source tools.

The team programming skills span many microcontroller architectures (Microchip PIC16 and PIC18, Cypress PSOC4, Silabs EFM32, NXP LPC17) with particular focus on ARM Cortex (M0, M3 and M4) and STM32 family.

Palta Tech SA was funded by engineers Marcos Chaparro, awarded as one of the "Top 10 innovators under 35 from Argentina and Uruguay" from MIT Technology review, and Maximiliano Córdoba which holds the argentinian highest grades of 2014 with an average of 9.21/10 in Electronic Engineering degree, UTN FRBB.

After years of ever increasing focus on EV technology and partnerships with Sonny Lloyd and Arlin Sansome, Palta Tech’s power electronics division was merged into EV Power Designs Inc.