Designs products and provides consultancy services using state of art technologies, with main focus on power electronics, IoT, digital signal processing and energy storage.


Parking sensors | Smart Cities | Internet of Things

Easy to install wireless parking sensors, capable of measuring changes in magnetic field to sense vehicle presence. Contact us and we can adapt your needs to our design.


Smart Lighting | Road Safety | Synchronic road studs

High quality smart led road studs, using the best leds of the world, wireless communication, we can make synchronic programmable effects, just ask us and we make it possible.


Motor controller | High Power | VESC | Electric Vehicles

Provides clear, wide open access to the accurate control of large high power three-phase motors. It support endless use cases that range from EV up to HVDC.


Energy | Supercacitors | Fast charge and discharge |

Highly reliable battery modules for applications with intense charge/discharge cycling and fast charging needs.


We provide a full range of services that enables you to build your project with the required goals. Our team of engineers can help you to start right off the ground your product with high performance and robust characteristics.

    • Manufacturing

    • System testing

    • Quick Prototyping

    • Firmware development

    • Hardware Design

    • Consulting

Clients & Partners

    • Lytron

    • Pymco Technologies

    • Power Designs

    • Conicet

    • Innobattery

    • Armada Argentina